“Safe Electrical Plug” Patent
"Safe Electrical Plug" is a unique smart electrical plug that can protect human from electrical shocks.

The Problem:

Almost everything in a workplace setting today operates on electricity. Electrical equipment is potentially hazardous and can cause serious shock and burn injuries if improperly used or maintained. If a part of the body comes into contact with the electrical circuit, a shock will occur. The current enters the body at one point and leaves at another point. This passage of electricity can cause great pain, burns, and even fatalities.
Accidents may happen! Each year, 2,400 children suffer severe shock and burns after
sticking small metal objects into electrical sockets. You never want your kid to be one of them!
As you noticed, the victims of electrocution are from all ages, so Electrocution has no
discrimination between old and young.

Proposed Solution:

Sensing the need for a reliable advanced safe plug, our solution was based on 4 major
specifications to ensure delivering the best competitive product in the market

1-Low cost: The equipment used in this project can be easily found in any electric shop and at low cost, so this product will not be expensive or something that people can't afford. People at any financial level could easily own this product with less than 6$.
2-Totally new idea: Usually, most project are determined from previous ideas or
developed from recent projects. People would like to try something new as they are going to take a general idea about what is this project capable of.
3-Small Size: one of the most important things about this project is that it doesn't take any space in the house or in the workshop or whatever is the place to use this product. It is placed in the socket of any room; this means that it will be located inside the wall no matter the substance it is built from. The picture on the right is of dimensions 5cm x 6cm
4-Usability: The device can be used everywhere. All what it needs is the existence of the electric field, which exists in every single house or workshop nowadays.

The results of this device are guaranteed to offer 100% accurate results. If the software part of the device face errors, the hardware part will work instead and prevent any unexpected mistake.
This invention is capable for solving a confusing problem in the world of electricity. With a simple and effective design, electricity will become safe for all family members.

PCB Board
By partnering with a successful investor in taking care of our marketing needs, we aim to ensure a significant expansion of this product and a growth in this business. We also aim to collaborate with marketing specialists with extensive knowledge of the marketplace and experience of the trends over the years to enable us produce comprehensive reports on our product and evaluate the current market position and expected projection as we provide recommendations for future.

Our goals are to
-build a more advanced version that can suits everywhere in the electrical applications
-promote the product's visibility in the marketplace
-position this device to enhance its prestige and desirability, ensure long term and
sustainable success of the brand by constantly reviewing the results and revising
specific strategies.
We believe in collaborative and continued consultation with the clients before producing a campaign or promotional message. We are searching for marketing campaigns that are essentially aligned with the client's business plans, their goals and strategies since we aim to serve as a veritable arm of the client's business.
By keeping the client consistently informed of their brand's market performance as well as providing timely information about changing market trends, we fulfill the challenge of dominating the Lebanese and middle east markets in the near future.

It is worth noticing that in November 2020, our Engineer Samir Rizk won a gold medal at the Africa Invention Fair organized by the African Association for Invention, Invention and Creativity (Africa OCIIP) which took place on-line through an interactive platform between 17 and 19 November 2020.
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