HexaPi Tech
1803, West Bekaa, Lebanon
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Professional Team for you

Department of Electronic Innovations
Eng. Samir Rizk
~HexaPi Tech Co-Founder and CEO~


Department of Software Solutions
Eng. Yasser Haidar
~HexaPi Tech Co-Founder and CTO~


About us


HexaPi Tech is an official Lebanese registered company (Registration Number: 3792261) that aims to innovate digital and smart solutions for all companies and individuals. It was founded in 2020 by both engineers Samir Rizk and Yasser Haidar. With our unique Electricity and Software divisions, we are capable of offering our clients the ideal solution for their problems.

Whether you have a business or want to build your own electrical or software solutions, don't hesitate to reach us and we will offer you with the best quotation offer. Study our offer and return back to us.

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